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Room To Breathe: Spring/Summer 2023

5 Weeks To Living Lighter

A holistic approach to health can seem overwhelming, I know. Especially when the way it currently looks for you is ANYTHING but peaceful.

  • You spend way too much time every week trying to get it all perfect...your job, your relationships, your healthy lifestyle.
  • You read a ton of self-help books, but you're just not seeing the results.
  • You've tried everything from the Calm app to yoga, but you still feel really bogged down. 
  • You're so focused on managing your stress that you're worried you'll never figure it out. Maybe waiting is the answer. Spoiler: it's not.
  • You're not sure another workshop or wellness initiative can help you, but you're ready for REAL answers. You're tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you subpar results. 

Truth bomb: Your efforts thus far haven’t helped you feel more at ease. Maybe they've given you some great ideas or things you know you "should" do, but you still somehow backslide into old habits or complete overwhelm. You're starting to put it out of your mind because it feels like nothing will work. I know because I've worked with clients on the edge of giving up too.

But I’m excited to help!

The Winning Experience:

Because you know what happens when you finally learn how to be with your hardships, deal with them, and then let that sh*t go...

  • You wake up EXCITED to seize the day because you have a set of tools to handle whatever comes your way like the badass, over-achieving, goddess that you are.
  • You finally feel good in your skin because you're confident that you're doing what's best for your health.
  • You have more energy now that you're not stressing about your stress.

Say hello to Room To B R E A T H E.

A five-week, hands-on group coaching experience that will change the way you look at that thing that's stressing you out.

Together let's discover how mindfulness can make drastically positive shifts in your physical and mental health.

Research has shown that more mindful people are generally happier and report less anxiety, symptoms of depression, anger, and worries. A higher degree of mindfulness is also associated with reduced stress and increased gratitude, hope, and vitality.

So if practicing mindfulness holds such powerful potential for our well-being, why aren't we all doing it every day?

The reason is that we often need more guidance and support than simply downloading an app. We need to better understand the underlying processes and research behind mindfulness.

This new program is designed to walk you through everything you need to fully understand mindfulness and experience the profound effects it can have on your life.

Through our work together, you will benefit from:

  • Small, informal practices that help weave mindfulness into your daily routine
  • An examination of mindfulness in the broader context of life and how we perceive things
  • Understanding the foundation of psychological processes that mindfulness rests upon
  • One deep dive into a specific element of mindfulness per session
  • Information and practice integrated with research and evidence
  • A detailed handbook with opportunities to deepen your practice
  • The ability to ask me anything in a small group learning environment and 1:1 via voxer support

This program is perfect for you if you…

  • experience anxiety, stress, or trouble sleeping.
  • crave a change in your approach to stressful situations.
  • prefer hands-on, personalized support.
  • want to live more mindfully and feel more alive and present.
  • are curious about mindfulness and want to commit to developing a practice.
  • have tried meditation or mindfulness before, and it didn't work out.
  • want to know the nuts and bolts behind the practice and approach it in a science-based way.
  • desire a healthier lifestyle. 

This program includes:

  • Four live group sessions hosted through Google Meets
  • Access to the session replay via the online classroom
  • One-on-one voxer support (stay tuned for start and end dates)
  • Workbook Resources (PDF & Audio Format) to enable you to embody each topic
  • Access to the OGFG meditation library so you can experiment with different mindfulness meditation techniques

PLUS enjoy these limited-time early bird bonuses so you can begin this leg of your health journey as soon as you sign up:

  • Making Time for Mindfulness: Modern life is noisy. There is always something to do, something vying for our attention, and it's frighteningly easy to ignore our body's whispers to slow down. Until now!  
  • Managing Your Stressful Thoughts: Featured on the Simple Habit app, this is the perfect mini-retreat to help you rewire cycles of worry. Through the five strategies provided in this mindfulness sampler, you’ll begin to find freedom from the control of your judgemental thoughts and feelings. Reduce the chances of your thoughts spiraling out of control for more peace of mind. 

Room to Breathe Session Schedule

Session Topic & Date

  1. Session 1: Attention & The Now - The role of thoughts and our relationship to them; Date and Time TBD
  2. Session 2: Automaticity - Drawing awareness to your patterns to cultivate change; Date and Time TBD
  3. Session 3: Judgment - Learning how and when to pause your inner critic; Date and Time TBD
  4. Session 4: Acceptance - Tackling pleasant and unpleasant experiences without sacrificing personal power; Date and Time TBD

What people participants are saying about Room to Breathe:

"You have no idea how much mindfulness has started to deeply shift my life." B.T.

"Not only will you learn about mindfulness and all that it entails, but you will also learn more about yourself. This course was very well thought out, and I think it could benefit anyone regardless of how mindful you think you already are! 10/10 would recommend!" - L.I. 

"Creating an anchoring habit with my coffee has transformed the way the start of my day feels. It sounds silly, but that small shift created a domino effect of "I've got this," vibes that are still positively impacting my life today." -S.J.

"As hard as it was to admit that I needed support, I'm glad I signed up. This class reminded me that it's always in my power to do better, and I proved to myself that I actually could be better!" - K. M.

"This course helped me with a lot of things, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one! I think what I love the most was that it kept me accountable to staying mindful and helped me remember to take moments to pause and listen to not only my thoughts but what my body is saying as well. For me, it’s so easy to read about mindfulness, especially mindful eating and really want to put that into my daily routine but then I just forget to. This course reminded me weekly to practice different mindful actions." - L.I.

About Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Daniela Burkiewicz, the founder of Outlook Good, Feel Good Wellness Coaching, and I'm a certified wellness coach through the IAWP, a certified mindfulness practitioner, and have been a public educator for over a decade in Illinois with a Master's degree in English. This unique background enables me to analyze the complex, unique story of an individual's health obstacles as I help them go from running on empty to a more relaxed, healthy version of themselves.

As a holistic wellness coach, I care about the whole picture.

Maybe your doctor is telling you that you need to make x number of changes to your lifestyle, but then you're left scrambling to figure out how to make it work.

Or maybe you're proactively setting goals for yourself because you don't like the path you're headed down but find it challenging to stick to the promises you made yourself sometimes.

I've helped people in both scenarios because Outlook Good, Feel Good is all about guiding you through the sometimes overwhelming and often contradictory wellness world. I believe everyone deserves to live their healthiest life and that a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be restrictive. Living your best life should feel good, not daunting.

Expert Insights

"When we commit ourselves to paying attention in an open way, without falling prey to our own likes and dislikes, opinions and prejudices, projections and expectations, new possibilities open up and we have a chance to free ourselves from the straitjacket of unconsciousness." - Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

"Learning about mindfulness taught me what equanimity means, and that's something I knew that I needed in my life. Now, I'm able to sit with my emotion and turn toward it, and accept it. I can see my emotion as a leaf that's gently floating down a stream past me. Knowing that my negative emotion will eventually pass allows me to embrace it without trying to resist what I'm experiencing." - Chris Boutte, started practicing mindfulness after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this program take to complete? 

This is a 5-week program with the option to extend it to eight weeks. More details will be shared during our last session about this option.

What is the format of this program?

All live sessions will take place in Google Meets, and you will receive the link once you sign up. If you can't attend the live session, the video will be posted here on Membervault for you to watch when it's most convenient.

How much time do I need to complete the homework exercises? What will that look like?

This training requires 15-30 minutes a day and is most effective when done at home. Different types of exercises include formal meditation and informal daily practices. You'll get to decide which exercises you practice from week to week.

I've tried mindfulness before, and I'm not very good at it. How do I know this program will be different?

At its core, mindfulness is about starting over again and again. Even if you feel like you're not making "progress," if you have patience and try to practice regularly to the best of your ability, your efforts will pay off.

In this program, we'll approach mindfulness in a way that addresses all of the common stumbling blocks, and you'll be free to share your specific concerns so we can troubleshoot them together.  

Are the resources in this program based on scientific evidence?

Yes. Over 3,000 peer-reviewed research studies have validated the benefits of mindfulness, and I have made sure that everything in this program is underpinned by rigorous science and references.

What is the cost?

$777 (USD) 

The payment methods listed on your website don't work for me. Are there alternatives?

Please contact me at, and we can discuss payment options.

I have another question! Can I reach out?

Of course! Email or DM me on Instagram, and we can chat.

7 Modules


Let's lay a solid foundation so you can get the most out of this experience. 

Attention & The Now

In this module, we'll unpack and experience the core principles of mindful living.


Starting anything new has its challenges, but by understanding our brain's automatic tendencies, we'll cultivate more compassion for ourselves as we learn to create new automatic patterns that help us keep our cool. 


We make hundreds of judgment calls each day, but what happens when our judgments hold us back? In this module we'll explore different ways to make our judgments work for instead of against us. 

The Practice Hub

All of the recorded practices are listed here for ease of access along with some bonus practices for those of you looking for new ways to meditate.

Continuing The Journey & 1:1 Coaching Options

Can't get enough? Let's keep this party going!

Modules for this course offering 7
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