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What is holistic health?

Read or Listen: What is holistic health? (5 minutes)

*Please note: The audio version states that you will take this quiz again at the end of our time together, however since this is a self-guided mini-course, you get to decide how frequently you need to re-evaluate yourself. 

Lesson Activity

What were the results of your holistic wellness self-assessment? Make note of that number and set a reminder on your phone to revisit the self-assessment again in three months. Celebrate yourself if that number goes down, but don't beat yourself up if the number goes up. It takes a village, so don't be ashamed to ask for support.

We aren't meant to be Super People. Let's stop putting that kind of pressure on ourselves. 😘

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What is holistic health and wellness?

It sounds like such a vague term, but the truth is when you start to view health from a holistic perspective, everything starts to feel easier as it comes into balance. 

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