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We understand that everyone has unique health and wellness requirements. However, research shows that practicing mindfulness and reducing stress can lead to a higher quality of life. That's why OGFG coaching services offer custom programs with live and on-demand sessions. The Mission: Provide simple, practical solutions to help you (and your team) tackle burnout and mindfully redesign your healthiest life for the long term.

Where are you on your wellness journey?

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The Power of Pausing

Modern life is noisy. There's always something to do, something vying for our attention, and it's frighteningly easy to ignore our body's whispers to slow down. 

Until now. 

Gut Health Reboot

Shakes and supplements are great, but when it comes to healing your gut, there's no magic bullet fix. And who needs a bullet when your goal is healing anyway? With a few tweaks, your digestive system will notice the TLC.

Meditation Playlist

Featured on the Simple Habit app, this is the perfect mini-retreat to help you rewire cycles of worry. Through the five strategies provided in this mindfulness sampler, you’ll begin to find freedom from the control of your judgemental thoughts and feelings. Reduce the chances of your thoughts spiraling out of control for more peace of mind with these 5 minute practices.

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching is a good fit for you if you want to take a deep dive into your health.

We start tiny to go big because it's less about drastically changing your lifestyle and more about taking strategic action.

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Mindfulness Meditation & Wellness Coaching on YouTube

Ready for some much-needed relaxation? You've found your way to the right corner of the internet. 😉 Take a deep breath and join us as we explore simple mindfulness meditation exercises designed to help you unwind and de-stress. 

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