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Mindfully Free

It's no secret that modern living is stressful, which is why this workshop series seeks to help you carve out some time for yourself.

During our time together, we'll...

💭 forge a new relationship with our thoughts

👭 learn one simple mindfulness practice you can use every day to improve your relationships (even if you have no time to practice)

☁️ try out my favorite practice to use when I'm really feeling the effects of seasonal affective disorder.

📱learn additional ways you can continue to strengthen your mindfulness practice

Once you finish this series, you'll have three new mindfulness tools for your holistic healing toolbox and a better idea of the best time to utilize them. 

This will help you because it's all the small things you do on a regular basis that determine your health. We are what we repeatedly do, so if we continue to come back to our mindfulness practice, we will become more mindfully free and vibrantly healthy. 😍

When the going gets tough, we get mindful. Are you in?

4 Hubs

Let's get this party started

What you can expect from this workshop series and my approach to holistic health and wellness.

First Thought

Let's take the first step to forging a new relationships with your thoughts.

Strengthening Relationships

Feeling heard is soul-nourishing and learning to listen mindfully has the ability to strengthen our personal, career, and spiritual relationships. Ready to practice?

Heartfulness Practice

Discover the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and the practices you can try in addition to introducing a loving kindness mindfulness practice into your lifestyle. 

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