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Jumpstart Your Wellness Journey

This mini-course is your cup of tea if...

  • want to learn more about holistic health and how to achieve it.
  • hope to learn the reasons behind your weight gain (or fluctuations).
  • are ready to begin to heal your relationship with food.
  • need to explore the real reason why you want to get healthy.
  • enjoy choosing from (40+) new recipes to add to your repertoire. 
  • want to try out wellness coaching in a DIY format.

Ready to dig in?!


6 Hubs

What is holistic health and wellness?

It sounds like such a vague term, but the truth is when you start to view health from a holistic perspective, everything starts to feel easier as it comes into balance. 

Holistic Health Focus: Food

Food is just 1 of 12 different markers for holistic health. Learn why this course focuses on food. 

Checking-in with Your Food Mindset

If you aren't mindful of why you want to be healthy, your old habits will win every time. In this section, you'll get clear about your why, tune into your body, and determine what's up with your weight.  

Embodying A Healthier You

Having knowledge is one thing, but transformation comes from action. In this module, you'll learn the only healthy eating principle you really need to follow to live your healthiest life.

Recipe Taste Test

There are a couple of different options for this recipe taste test, so choose the adventure that sounds most exciting to you.

Wrapping Up!

There are many next steps you can take, but above all else, take inspired action to make the choice that works best for you.

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