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The Online Classroom

If you want to DIY your way to a healthier lifestyle while taking a holistic approach to feeling good, this bundle is perfect for you. Save 30% when you sign up today!

What's included:

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  • Room to Breathe: An Immersion into mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • The Mindful Redesign: Because "suck it up and do it" isn't a long-term solution for living your best life.
  • Holistic Wellness Workbooks: Take a holistic approach to health without restriction or rigid rules while getting to know the heart of my coaching philosophy. 
  • Making Time for Mindfulness: Modern life is noisy. There's always something to do, something vying for our attention, and that makes it frighteningly easy to ignore our body's whispers to slow down. Until this workshop!
  • Manage Stressful Thoughts: The perfect mini-retreat to help you rewire cycles of worry. Through the five strategies provided in this mindfulness sampler, you'll begin to find freedom from the control of your judgemental thoughts and feelings.
  • Ignite Your Fire Energy Workshop: Examine how to create more energy naturally. You'll walk away from this one-hour experience with concrete action steps to support you as you take your energy back one small step at a time. 😍
  • Culinary Confidence: What do you do if you kinda hate cooking because it stresses you out and gets in the way of being able to do all the things? You change your outlook. If you've struggled to meal plan or find a sustainable healthy eating groove, this will be your jam.

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