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Culinary Confidence: Summer 2021

So, you wanted to feel "healthier" like...yesterday, right?

Maybe "those" jeans aren't fitting like you want them to.

You've been looking up amazing meal prep ideas on Pinterest...but somehow the days just "slip by".

Every time you look in the mirror, you agree to "finally lose that extra weight".

You went to the gym for a week or two then slipped back into old habits. 

You are a superstar mom, wife, friend, and colleague who "wants to do it all" but seems to take care of everyone else...except yourself.

You know you have the ability to control your health, but right now, it feels HARD.

In my world, we take the word "hard" out of total body wellness.

Working with me, we let things be easy. 

We allow life to flow. We allow for the "AND". We allow for the cupcakes...and STILL get to choose to feel f**cking amazing. 

We don't restrict, we experience.

We don't cut out, we welcome in.

We don't stress, we give grace.

And you secretly already know that while you're over there trying to "Google" you way to're actually becoming more and more overwhelmed. It's like spinning on a wheel that isn't getting you anywhere... know in your heart it's time for a REAL LASTING change. 

Welcome to Culinary Confidence -- my signature "east meets west" approach to total body wellness. 

We don't put bandaids on symptoms. We dig until we get to the cause of our discomfort and build a life that supports what you actually desire. 

Imagine if...

  • planning healthy meals took you less than 15 minutes a week.
  • drinking coffee was an act of self-love instead of an energy-boosting necessity.
  • loving your body for how it feels instead of how it looks
  • bloating, heartburn, constipation, and upset stomachs were a thing of the past.
  • whipping up a healthy meal was SIMPLE.
  • eating chocolate and ice cream were part of living your healthiest lifestyle.
  • living a stress-free life was your new normal.

☝️This☝️ doesn't have to be a dream! It is your right, and with a little strategy, a whole lotta mindfulness, and an experienced guide (that's me!), you can transform your relationship with food, cooking, and your body and feel good about the masterpieces you whip up and the body makes it all possible. 💖

In this individualized group program, you'll learn from each other just as much as you learn from me, and I am so lit up by what's in store. Imagine learning how to...

  1. fuel your own unique body type so that you can eat more of the foods you love.
  2. learn healthy ways to satisfy your cravings.
  3. utilize natural healing modalities instead of self-medicating or restricting.
  4. have your weekly meals planned and prepped in 60 minutes or less.
  5. develop your signature dish.
  6. love the skin you're in and make confident, healthy choices that are delicious AF.

I mean, does it get any better than an east meets west approach? 🙌

Let's talk details. This course includes:

🍴6 pre-recorded teaching sessions so you can learn on your schedule

  • Week 1: Welcome Week & Program Overview
  • Week 2: Making Meal Planning Simpler
  • Week 3: The Mind-Body Connection
  • Week 4: Label Reading 101 & Eating for Immunity
  • Week 5: Adding-In Foods to Restore Balance
  • Week 6: Celebrating Your Signature Menu

🍴Personalized daily support for six weeks because true transformation requires individualized attention and accountability between teaching sessions. 

🍴Access to 60+ recipes to experiment with and exercise your culinary creativity.

This level of support normally costs 1:1 clients $2,000+. This investment is a NO BRAINER!

The next live round begins in June 2023! 🎉

7 Modules

The Mind-Body Connection

We are a product of our environment, but we can also make our environment a product of mindfulness. This week we're changing the narrative as we focus on what it feels like to be in our bodies rather than obsess over how our bodies look.

Celebrating Your Signature Menu

Modules for this course offering 7
Let's do it!

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